I am Professor of Applied Microeconomics at the Department of Economics, Ghent University, Belgium. I am also the director of RISLαβ—the Risk, Insurance, and Savings Laboratory. I obtained my PhD in economics in 2009 from the Econometric Institute at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Tinbergen Institute.


I investigate the determinants of preferences, and the effects of preferences on behaviour. I employ a variety of tools, including formal modelling, natural experiments, randomised controlled trials, and lab experiments. I am further interested in applying principles from behavioural economics to a variety of problems in development economics, environmental sustainability, and financial markets. 



Bouchouicha, Ranoua, Lachlan Deer, Ashraf Eid, Peter McGee, Daniel Schoch, Hrvoje Stojic, Jolanda Ygosse-Battisti, and Ferdinand M. Vieider (2019). Gender Effects for Loss Aversion: Yes, No, Maybe? Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, forthcoming


I am currently looking for students interested in completing a PhD.  Possible topics include individual decision making, behavioural economics, and development economics. In case of interest, send me a CV and short motivation statement to ferdinand.vieider [at]

I have an open position for a Research Assistant in Bayesian Statistics applied to Decision Making/Behavioural Economics/Development Economics, with a possibility to move on to a PhD. Click here for more information

I am guest-editing a Special Issue of Theory and Decision on `Poverty and Economic Decision Making' jointly with Erik Wengström. 

Bouchouicha, Ranoua, & Ferdinand M. Vieider (2019). Growth, Entrepreneurship, and Risk-Tolerance: A Risk-Income Paradox. Journal of Economic Growth, forthcoming