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I am Professor of Applied Microeconomics at the Department of Economics, Ghent University, Belgium, I am also the director of RISLαβ—the Risk, Insurance, and Savings Laboratory. I obtained my PhD in economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2009.


I investigate the determinants of preferences, and the effects of preferences on behaviour. I employ a variety of tools, including formal modelling, natural experiments, randomised controlled trials, and lab experiments. I am further interested in applying decision making principles to a variety of problems in development economics, environmental sustainability, and financial markets. 


The annual RISLαβ meeting has taken place in Ghent on June 14 – 16, 2023. The theme of this year's workshop was "Cognitive Economics". You can find the programme here

The RISLαβ event for 2024 will take the form of a summer school on the topic of "Cognitive Economics", to be held At University Mohammed VI Polytechnic in Rabat, Morocco. The event will take place on July 22–27, 2024. Details will follow in January 2024. 

My paper on Decisions under Uncertainty as Bayesian Inference on Choice Options has been accepted at Management Science

My paper on Law and Economic Behaviour, co-authored with Ranoua Bouchouicha and Olivier L'Haridon, has been accepted at the Journal of Comparative Economics

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