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New paper February 2024!

Abdellaoui, Mohammed, Levent Gumus, Yassine Kaouane, Emmanuel Kemel, anFerdinand M. Vieider (2024). Beliefs in Reciprocity, Confidence, and Trust. 

Ranoua Bouchouicha, Jilong Wu, and Ferdinand M. Vieider (2023). Choice lists and ‘standard patterns’ of risk-taking. 

Coming soon!

Oprea, Ryan, and Ferdinand M. Vieider (2023). Risk, Noise, and Experience.

Ferdinand M. Vieider (2023). Cognitive Foundations of Delay-Discounting

Ferdinand M. Vieider (2010). Preference Reversals: The Impact of Truth-Revealing Monetary Incentives. A Methodological Note. Working Paper.

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