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Ranoua Bouchouicha, Ryan Oprea, Ferdinand M. Vieider, and Jilong Wu (2023). Choice lists and ‘standard patterns’ of risk-taking. 

New paper July 2024!

Oprea, Ryan, and Ferdinand M. Vieider (2024). Minding the Gap: On the Origins of Probability Weighting and the Description-Experience Gap. 

Ferdinand M. Vieider (2023). Cognitive Foundations of Delay-Discounting

Abdellaoui, Mohammed, Levent Gumus, Yassine Kaouane, Emmanuel Kemel, and Ferdinand M. Vieider (2024). Beliefs in Reciprocity, Confidence, and Trust. 

Ferdinand M. Vieider (2010). Preference Reversals: The Impact of Truth-Revealing Monetary Incentives. A Methodological Note. Working Paper.

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